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Around their waists they wore bright green sashes, and each carried a heavy metal spear and wore a protective metal hat with a large brim. There were also foot soldiers with bows and arrows who wore special armour to protect the upper part of their body. All of the soldiers marched up the long, winding road to the summit of Mount Kinabalu on their quest to steal the pink pearl from the dragon.

From his lair atop the mountain, the dragon watched as the soldiers made their way towards him. Just as the soldiers marched over the final crest towards the summit of the mountain, the dragon drew in a very deep breath. The soldiers could not believe their eyes when the creature appeared before them.

Castles Dragons Kings and Queens Theme for Preschool

It had a huge purple and blue and green body, huge red and black eyes, and deep maroon talons as long as swords! They turned immediately and ran back down the mountainside, not wanting to be consumed by the flames. The following day, Wee Ping and Wee San decided to accompany the soldiers to the top of the mountain, but the same thing happened once again: the fierce dragon appeared from out of nowhere, breathing a wall of fire that forced the soldiers back towards the small boats waiting in the harbour below.

Upon seeing the soldiers retreat is such haste, the dragon sat comfortably in his lair on top of the mountain and smiled to himself. That evening, Wee Ping and Wee San tried to think of a way to outwit the dragon. Wee San spent a very long time observing the surrounding countryside, and the following day he decided to climb a nearby mountain to see if he might get a better look at the dragon. After climbing for some time, Wee San found himself walking through misty clouds that whirled about him.

Eventually the clouds parted and he could see a large group of trees at the summit. The trees were very old with thick trunks and good sturdy branches. Their leaves protected Wee San from being seen by the Dragon who was sitting in his lair on top of Mount Kinabalu. The Dragon was looking below to see if any soldiers dared to approach his lair and try to steal his pearl. After many hours, the dragon seemed to get restless. He got up from his vantage point and stretched his powerful legs.

When he was satisfied there was no one around, he strolled away in search of food, leaving the pink pearl unguarded. Wee San looked at the position of the sun in the sky so that he might be able to tell how long the dragon was away from his lair. He hoped that it would be enough time for the soldiers to march up the mountain the following day and steal the precious pearl while the dragon was searching for food once more. This idea was quashed very quickly, when suddenly the dragon appeared on the opposite mountaintop.

Disappointed, he climbed down from his position in the tree and made his way back to the soldiers in the harbour. But he decided to return the following day to check if the dragon always went in search of food at the same time. Wee San climbed the same mountain for the next two days, always hiding in the trees so that he might spy on the dragon.

In this way he learned that the dragon did indeed go in search of food at the same time, and that he was always away from his lair for a few hours each time. But this information did not bring any solace to Wee San who knew that his soldiers could not climb Mount Kinabalu in just a few hours. This page requires Adobe Flash Player.

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At that moment, a leaf from a nearby branch floated past Wee San and was carried on a gentle breeze towards the dragon sitting on top of Mount Kinabalu. This gave Wee San an idea, and so the young prince hurried back down the mountainside to talk to the kite-makers who lived in the village below. He asked them to make a very large kite with sails and a small platform at its base. He also instructed the kite makers to attach a long rope so that the kite might be guided from the ground once launched. The following day, Wee San and a small group of soldiers climbed the mountain towards the trees above, there they hid themselves and spied on the dragon atop Mount Kinabalu.

As soon as the dragon left his lair in search of food, Wee San stepped aboard the small platform fixed to the kite and the soldiers launched him into the air above. When he was close enough, he reached down and took the pink pearl, replacing it with a pink Chinese lantern in the hopes of fooling the fierce dragon. The soldiers pulled on the rope and the kite sailed back across the skies towards the safety of the trees. As soon as he landed back on the mountaintop, Wee San and his soldiers returned to the boats in the harbour. Together with his older brother Wee Ping, they rowed out to their great ships and set sail for home.

The dragon had not been fooled by the Chinese lantern and was crashing down the mountainside towards the sea. He was very angry; his eyes flared red and his long talons sliced through the trees at his feet. His teeth flashed in his huge mouth; his scales flashed in the sunlight all blues and angry purples. The dragon wanted to burn the ships and sink them to the bottom of the sea.

The Events & Plans

The fleet of ships were some distance from the shore but the dragon leapt into the water in pursuit. A single shot was fired towards the dragon just as he reared up from the waves, ready to unleash his deadly flames upon the fleet of ships. The dragons coordinate with colors from other clip art sets to make it easier for you to create matching themes.

PreK , Kindergarten , 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd , 4 th , 5 th , 6 th , Homeschool , Staff. Dragon Dragon - Instructions for One Pager. These are instructions to give to students after reading the short story "Dragon Dragon" in order to complete a One Pager. They will be as creative as they can be, but are limited to one page and must include drawings. Short Stories , Reading Strategies.

This activity pack is meant for students to complete after reading "Dragon, Dragon" by John Gardner. Included in this product are: 1. Questions ask that students to list, recall. Drama , Literature , Reading Strategies. Activities , Fun Stuff , Novel Study.

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In total there are 48 pages. For our narrative unit we read the story, "Dragon, Dragon' and have the kids plot the story itself and also answer some comprehension questions. I have created three levels of questions. We use the analogy of a ski slope - black being advance, blue being at level, and blue being a little more guided.

Reading , Short Stories , Close Reading. Worksheets , Handouts. Dragon Clip art dragon, dragon girl, pink and green, illustration magic. Imagine the magic world that you can create with this adorable creature. This is the first of the family of dragons!

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And she is so funny!. If you need decoration that would be perfect for your class or projects. You can find here: 5 png images, dpi for activities and decoration: 2 images full col. Dragon, Dragon Errorless Activity Book. This download contains an errorless book with a dragon theme. Students will place a dragon on each page of the book. The book contains 12 half-pages, including the cover. The text contains position words. You can place velcro in the correct position to make it a true errorless book, or you can h.

Special Education. PreK , Kindergarten. Activities , Printables. Eye of the Dragon : Art Lesson Plan. It is my pleasure to present you with this project for drawing with coloured pencil crayons.

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The Eye of the Dragon! Level:For students in Grade 3 and all the way up to High School. Technique:DrawingVisual language:Your student learn how to create colour gradients.

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Materials:Coloured pencil crayonsWhit. Visual Arts , Graphic Arts. Dragon Dragon Poster. Cute culminating activity for John Gardiner's story "Dragon Dragon. Activities , Assessment. This fun, collaborative activity provides hands-on review of genetics to include genotype, phenotype, alleles, homozygous, heterozygous, and Punnett squares. Science , Biology. Activities , Fun Stuff , Printables. Homeschool Curricula , Handouts , Homework. When students come back to visit even years later , this is the project they remember.

All materials and resources are editable. In this project, each student will find an egg in the classroom. The egg will contain a unique genome, which enc.

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Science , Biology , Environment. Projects , Unit Plans , Activities. This read-aloud pack includes rigorous text dependent questions, differentiated graphic organizers, response to text writing activities including a craftivity, and detailed lesson plans to help you meet several core standards while maintaining your tradition of reading aloud for pleasure. You will g.